Building Chatbots at Crazy Lab Days – we are at the forefront of a revolution

Unit4 is at the forefront of the next major technology shift. AI, Bots and self-driving systems will revolutionize the enterprise technology market thanks to an entirely new way of communicating with computers. For the first time in history, we can communicate in natural ways, and be guided to complete tasks in quicker, better ways. This new user experience is an attractive thing for companies that need to attract young talent.

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5 ways chatbots will change college

The first week on any college campus is hectic, but what if there was a digital assistant available 24/7 to help new students and their families navigate the college process?

With chatbots rapidly infiltrating every aspect of our personal lives, it’s no surprise that student technology is an area ripe for bot intervention. As both students and faculty embrace bots in their personal lives for things like checking the weather, ordering pizza, or finding a cab, it’s about time that campus tech caught up.

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Creating the Foundation for Developing Bots in a SaaS World

Legacy software vendors that traditionally provide on-premise solutions still face a couple of architectural challenges. Those allow them to provide cloud-native applications as well as a solid foundation for offering a natural bedrock on which to construct bots, ultimately allowing them to offer a conversational user experience.

Cloud Architecture

Many vendors of legacy software struggle to accomplish a smooth transition from a monolithic architecture to a cloud-enabled service oriented architecture, as such a transition involves rewriting, which comes at a significant price. However, the previous economic benefit of re-architecting to ensure a more efficient use of compute and storage resources is gone due to increasingly cheaper IaaS and PaaS services.

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